Ghoul Makes History ON Billboards

DSC_0265Dungeon Bastards is the newest studio recording from the notorious Creepsylvanian hooded menaces in GHOUL. Released via Tankcrimes on July 29th, the record devoured Billboard Charts upon its first week of release debuting at #11 on the Heatseekers Chart, #13 on the Top Vinyl Albums Chart, #13 on the Hard Rock Chart, and #27 on the Independent Albums Chart. Not only does Dungeon Bastards serve as the first GHOUL record to enter the Billboard Charts, it’s also the first-ever charting album of Tankcrimes’ extended discography.


Utters guitarist/vocalist Digestor: “Instead of noting the obvious and stunning decline of the recording industry, I want to focus on the positive aspects of GHOUL charting. Mainly, that our newfound industry clout will allow us to crush our enemies, humiliate our friends, and generally live lives of consequence-free skullduggery from now until the end of time. Which should be somewhere around the beginning of your American month of November.”


Adds Tankcrimes head Scotty Heath, “I’m absolutely thrilled!”

Check out The Gallery of Their most recent show at the Observatory as well as a brutal interview with Digestor.

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