Photo Credit: Jose Barrientos

Friday night in Los Angeles calls for drinks, a good time and a good bite right? Well what if you can have a drink and listen to metal that has to do with food, not death or brutality, instead that tasty junk food we all adore, burgers, patties and all the grease you can consume. Heads of clowns on each side of the stage project lasers at the crowd, the evil look on it’s face gives you an eerie sensation, warns you of the craziness about to ensue. Mac Sabbath, a drive-thru metal act gave us a taste of that greasy, unhealthy grotesque food with their Black Sabbath riffage, and tasty-tribute. Mac Sabbath is exactly what is sounds like, Black Sabbath songs re-written to depict burger happiness. The frontman, an evil lunatic clown sings songs like “N.I.B.B.L.E.” and “Frying Pan”, which talk about the risks of eating fast food and greasy fries. The rest of the gang, a purple gum drop on bass simply gives you that dazed look as it slaps the bass to songs like “Chicken For The Slaves” and “Brand of Doom”. The guitarist, Burger Slayer, knows every single note to songs like “Organic Funeral” and “Lord of The Swirl”. If you are a Black Sabbath fan, or simply love metal this is an act you must see. Meanwhile on the drums, the Cat Burglar replicates with furry talent the drum notes of songs like “More Ribs” and “Cherries Are Fruits”.


Photo Credit: Jose Barrientos

The show is not a simple band playing on stage. The insane clown intervenes mid set with his satirical comedy and fast food jokes, some that never rotten. If you wanted a show, he will give you one, at some point he chugged a beer using a long tube he derived from his trouser, we are not sure where exactly he had that hidden but it was near 8 feet long. On a grill he had burnt burger patties which seemed to be his favorite, while he squirted an unidentified liquid out of ketchup and mustard bottles at the crowd. The feast was fun, the crowd interacted with the crazy band as they ripped the stage apart with their grotesque song “Pair-a-Buns” which is the burger take of Black Sabbath’s original track “Paranoid”. There is no need for more depiction of this Mac Sabbath feast, the fans present at the show loved each second of the show and walked out astonished with the talent this insane drive-thru metal act has. If you missed the show, well remember there is always another time to get your sappy meal. We had the chance to talk to their band manager Mike ODD and this is what he had to say about how the band was spawned.

Reported By: Hostile Jo


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