Pain- Opus Orchestrated Industrial Metal Album- Welcome Home To BE Released 9/9/16

Pain - Coming Home - ArtworkSwedish Industrial metal purveyors, Pain, are releasing their next chapter of heavy sounds titled Coming Home. The album will be released on September 9, 2016 via Nuclear Blast. After work with lead vocalist Till Lindemann of Rammstein, Peter Tagtgren  has focused a lot of his talent on this masterpiece conjured in his Abyss Studios. The album is a mechanical machine that will give you sounds lighter than those of Rammstein, yet pounding on your head with industrial sounds of multi-instruments. In the tracks “Final Crusade” and “Call Me”, the band seeks in the mental states of humanity, and society over all.

The electro sounds added with heavy riffs on the track “Final Crusade” will make the wildest European clubs blast this song as fans headband and enter a state of ecstasy. As if the track alone was not enough with it’s upmost upbeat sounds, Coming Home has Sebastian Tagtgren as a drummer inflicting that pain. Peter’s seventeen-year-old son’s presence is impressive, meanwhile Sabbath’s Joakim Broden gives his powerful raw vocals on the song “Call Me”. The electro sounds accompanied by heavy guitar riffs and clean vocals are the formula for Pain to give their best album yet. The melodies in this metal album are electrifying, and will have the masses head banging and swaying side to side during this ten-track massive creation.

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The Band is:

Peter Tägtgren – vocals, guitars, programming etc.
David Wallin  – drums
Michael Bohlin – guitars
Johan Husgavfel – bass

Stalk Pain:

Reported By: Hostile Jo


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