Dissector- The Russian Giant Awakes

DISSECTOR_03There are always bands that you sit there and all of a sudden ask your self- “Hey WTF happened to such and such?” Well that happened recently with a band name Dissector, who conquered North East of Russia. Perhaps the cold weather tamed them down, or band members went separate ways, whatever the reason Dissector has many songs unsung. Some of those tracks were added to a compilation of the most brutal, trash death metal sounds Dissector has written.

Their 25th, year anniversary just happened and 30 songs were taken to various studios to be recorded for this brutal record called Planetary Cancer out June 2016. Despite the breakups and all, Dissector had a great sound, one that is furious with mixtures of trash metal  and clean vocals. Some of the melodies are very heavy metal, like riffs in track “Fallen One” where the gory vocals come through and hype the listener. Now, this band has multiple songs that had been recorded by Yan, the only true member who moved around Russia, from St. Petersburg to Moscow. PHOTO_BONUS_02_fgsSongs that resemble the sounds of The Haunted, Dark Tranquility among the best Scandinavian metal acts. Stay tuned for some of the brutal tracks yet to be recorded by this dormant giant.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Dissector- “Mercy”-


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