Cannibal Corpse, Ingested – To Wreck The Summer Slaughter tour 2016

_MG_8849The brutality that comes with the act of Cannibal Corpse is an indescribable experience. For over two decades the masters of death metal had been horrifying the world with their decapitating lyrics, killer guitar riffs, explosive cannons and of course unique style on the bass by Alex Webster the mastermind behind the savage butchery. Make sure you get to witness this show and get your tickets for the death festival unlike no other.

Ingested will bring you some gruesome sounds as well among other bands like Suffocation and Krisiun. Sounds by mythical Nile will resonate in the auditorium in Santa Ana, California. Make sure you get your tickets as Cannibal Corpse has been laying down the corpses in a brutal and morbid way. With tracks like “They Deserve To Die” and “Fucked With  A Knife” Cannibal Corpse has seduced those demented enough to blast their music in quiet neighborhoods where dark alleys can be the stage of a ravaging assault to your ears. With the ability of Pat O’Brian, Rob Barrett on guitars, those riffs are fast and only an octopus can mimic those fingers. Paul Mazurkiewicz will make your ears explode once again California. They ravaged the pits at The Mayan in February this year, with vocals by the gory George Fisher and bass of Alex Webster, come join us in this debacle of music.


Earlier this year, CANNIBAL CORPSE traveled back in time to commemorate some classic titles, namely Butchered At Birth, Eaten Back To Life, The Bleeding, Vile, and Tomb Of The Mutilated. As part of the Metal Blade Classics series, these albums are now available on vinyl in limited quantities at:

For Dates Follow this Link

Photo Credit: ©Hostile Jo


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