Fistula Releases Violent Album- Longing For Infection

fistulalive20161Out today is this infectious sludge metal act straight from Ohio, Fistula, a groovy yet aggressive violent sound. Fistula, new album is titled “Longing For Infection”, via Patac Records. This album is brutal and violent making sure your mind is raped with the sonic beats on the drums and heavy guitar plunges by Corey Bing. Vocalist Dan Harrington is making sure your ears feast on his loud gory growls. Bahb Branca, second guitarist, adds the extra sounds of doom and speed to this infested sound. The album is a seven track misanthropic relentless beating. Fans will surely swing their elbows, and ravage the mosh pits at any venue this band deicides to destroy. Corey Bing founded this savage sound in 1998 along with guitarist Bahb Branca. The barrage of sounds manifested by this duo is gruesome and the sounds are simply radical. This is what the band had to add on this opus release-

Fistula-“Longing For Infection paints a portrait of our mental state… Having to reform after a major lineup shift, most bands would say, ‘fuck it,’ and give up, but we are slightly more masochistic than that. We channeled our frustrations, anger, despair and disgust and returned to The Riff, our hardcore punk and doom roots and pressed ‘Record.’ Longing For Infection is the result; another sonic creation documenting our distain for humanity. Longing For Infection is just the beginning; we’re just getting started… another album has already been recorded. Feelings will be hurt, expectations will be destroyed.”fistulalive2016BAHB

Set for mass contagion on July 15th, 2016, the first pressing of Longing For Infection will be limited to 1000 copies housed in digipak packaging bathed in the abysmal artwork of Jason Barnett. Preorders are currently available here

Make sure you get your copy of this sludge, mind blowing creation by Fistula, “Longing For Infection”.

Fistula- “Too Many Devils & Drugs”-

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