Curse The Flesh-American Black Metal

CTFbandBlack Metal purveyors Curse The Flesh will take America and the world by storm. Their sound is similar to Emperor, with fast guitar riffs and drum blasts in likes of Dark Funeral. The tremolo on the track titled “Black Majesty” is rhythmic and eviscerating notes. The vocals are diabolical and filled with anger and ravenous pitches.

The band was summoned by the devil in Mobile, Alabama and have debuted with their brutal album Black Majesty on June 13, 2015 a year later they are creating havoc. The drums on this act are fast and the guitars are fire burning churches all over the Mid-West. The guitar has a melodic sound that draws your black soul and sucks the life out of it. America has some black metal, and this band is a live example of that condemning sound.

Diabolica, venomous, speedy and blasphemous is what this quintet embodies. Audiences are hailing Curse The Flesh in America and it’s time for this act to conquer with their black mass the rest of the world.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Jeremy Dahmer(Vocals)
Sterling Chinchar (Bass)
Jason Long (Guitars)

Duel Guess (Guitars)
BG Watson (Drums)

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