Dark Haunter: Death Black Metal

Dimmu Borgir has influenced many metal acts that have done a phenomenal job adding their own touch and style. However, with out Dimmu Borgir and their symphonic influences, bands like Dark Haunters would not had been inspired or come to existence. This Italian Death Black Metal outfit is creating tones that reminisce of the victorian era, with a touch darkness of course. Their latest attempt “To Preserve is Diabolical” is a brutal composition of black metal. The guitar vibratos in songs like “The Burning Eyes of Vengeance” with backing symphonic eminent tracks is a labyrinth in a mad house of morbid nightmares. If you want to hear the depiction of the Asian “Legend of Pai Mei”, make sure you check this track out. The introduction is a melodic black metal monster, which evolves to a cinematic song, with those brutal guitars by Sergio Nallira and Valerio Pietrunti.

Dhn_bandThis sound was conjured in 1999 at the turn of a century, which opened the gates to black metal to the new millennial era. Atri, Italy gave birth to this macabre black metal outfit, which in the likes of Cradle of Filth and even Carach Angren they have composed eight majestic, symphonic and darkness filled tracks which will have you head banging with such ferocity a neck brace might be needed right after. This band detached themselves from the original singer Mirko Tuttolani, who for musical differences parted ways. However, Emanuele “Aramor” Bizzarro joined the band and gave them a dark terrorizing vocals which allows the band to give you that punch in the face. Christian “Maylord” Di Maria creates melodic symphonies on Keyboards, sounds that guide you through haunted chapels, dark forests and enigmatic scenes of death and tenebrous acts. Let us take you to a realm where the victim is you, and the hunter is a harry character, “Blood Wolfen Hunger” will be playing in the backgroun. Those blasting cannons by Claudio Martella accompanied by scintillating bass notes are playing behind you as you attempt to escape form a hungry wolf. The track is brutal and haunting, the relentless beating on the drums reminds you of drummers from early Dimmu and even Cradle of Filth.

This band has the darkness inside, and with this album “To Preserve is Diabolical” they have resurrected the symphonic black metal sounds of Dimmu Borgir, made their stories come to life and will be ravaging stages. Revalve Records released this majestic album on May 5th, 2016, make sure you get your copy.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Check out this Track

Dark Haunters- To Preserve is Diabolica, “Blood Wolfen Hunger”-


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