The Zennith Passage- Savages The Whiskey A Go Go

DSC_0545 The Zenith Passage is a melodic death metal with sounds that will elevate you and transport you to a lucid dream. The Zenith Passage played at the Whiskey A Go Go and certainly unleashed their death metal sounds to the masses. This Los Angeles based band writes about Sci-Fi and opens realms of brutality and mechanics with their killer riffs. The band was formed in 2012 by Justin Mckinney and Greg Hampton, whose with ability to create amazing guitar tracks have released their quickly growing debut album Solipsist. After being loved by internet fans, the duo went ahead and created this death metal outfit, conjuring a sound that is majestic and brutal.

DSC_0436These are artist, that are creating guitar riffs (Rob Maramonte- ex-Fallujah and Justin McKinney) using great styles, guitar tapping and ferocious solos. On the drums Luis Martinez is a beast, his double pedal resembles battlefield cannons and his speed is lethal. The roaring vocals of Greg Hampton are a gruesome attack and his presence on stage is a pure metal. Unique Leader Records made sure to pick this act while it was on the market, as usual they have great taste in brutal metal.

The album Solipsist was released on April 15th, 2016 and their debut was a great success. The fans are responding great to this brutal assault, their heads are not still unless it is to witness the guitar solos by Rob and Justin which are shredtastic. Girls love this band too, you could see in the multitude metal girls that roared along with Greg as they would simultaneously headbang to the explosive drums by Luis Martinez. Their tour is half way its mark, and the band sounds very tight during their live performances. This sound projected by The Zenith Passage is one of many that has revolutionized the tech death metal scene. However, this band has a special vibe, and fans hail that brutal progressive technicality of the guitars.  The band is ready to play,  and they have a long way to go to keep creating more sounds, brutal riffs and make the pits chaotic. Make sure to get your tickets when they come to your hometown check the list below for a show near you. Do not miss this aggressive, decapitating sound.

Reported by: Hostile Jo

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