Wolverine- ‘Machina Viva’ Out This Friday

Wolverine2016-02_web [photo by Mattias Wigforss]Leading Swedish progressive metal outfit WOLVERINE’s first title for the Sensory Records division of US progressive powerhouse Laser’s Edge,Machina Viva will see worldwide release on July 8th.

Recorded and produced by WOLVERINE in various locations throughout Sweden during the Autumn and Winter months of late 2015 and early 2016, Machina Viva was mixed at Spacelab Studio in Germany by Christian “Moschus” Moos (Everon, Haken, Delain, Cloverseeds), and mastered by Grammy Award winning audio engineer Bob Katz. A natural progression from the band’s previous album, Communication Lost, released in 2011 via Candlelight Records, Machina Viva invites the listener into the harmonious yet portentous and sullen musical dimensions of WOLVERINE with perhaps their most dynamic album to date. From the fourteen-minute epic and powerful “The Bedlam Overture” and the dark electronic landscapes of “Machina,” to the naked and organic nature of “Pile Of Ash” and “Sheds,” Machina Viva is the next step in Wolverine’s explorations in the progressive field. The layour features microbiological photos by Arturo Agostino and cover art by drummer Marcus Losbjer. Additionally, the CD edition will bear an additional bonus cello version of “Pile Of Ash.”

Wolverine2016-04-web [photo by by Mattias Wigforss]The band was spawned in 1995 and has been giving you progressive metal for quite sometime now. Their new album will definitely elicit your deepest thoughts and get you sooth your mind. This dynamic record is powerful, filled with harmonies, and great vocals. Wolverine is what progressive metal needs to sound like. Remember those prog rock bands, lets just say Wolverine has got to be inspired by them. However these guys mastered the art of rhythm and surpass those other acts. The track “Pile of Ash” has to be the best example of soothing metal, with ambiance, melodies and a great set of vocals projecting empathy and sorrow to the audience. Check them out and make sure to get your album.



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