The Best Ten All American Metal Songs

Let us unite, as America celebrates its independence. 1776 was the year the nation united as one and after civil wars Americans ceased fire. For some, the war has never stopped, for others the war ended in a brutal way fighting for our liberties. PTSD was a common side effect of that journey called war. Today we salute the freedom fighters, the veterans, those who have passed away in the wake of days, in the dawns of hellish wars. Some people hate us some people praise us, as America has freed many from the claws of tyranny and some from the mental state of oppression. Nonetheless America has come a long way, in the wake of terrorist attacks we pray for those victims, for their families and friends. Freedom is what the British came looking for in this country, and now many years later good or bad we obtained that. Here is a playlist of bands that play metal, directed towards the system, for the system, the soldiers, the patriotism and whose members are Americans. Feel the love and long live Metal!!


10. DSC_0199  Jimi Hendrix- Freedom (Root of Rock)

The Real Countdown

10. PTestament2015a

Photo Credit: Stephanie Cabral

Testament– “True American Hate” –Dark Roots of Earth

9. Exodus2014d

Photo Credit: Bruce Getty- Nuclear Blast

Exodus“Corruption”Fabulous Disaster

8. imgres

Judas Priest- “War”- Nostradamus

7. Slayer- “Americon”- World Painted Blood


Photo by:Martin Haussler


6. Scour- “Codes”-Scour


5.Corrosion Of Conformity- “Elphyn”- IX



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