Ghoul- ‘Dungeon Bastards’ Out July 29th!

GHOUL_2015bandphoto_LTDguitarsListening to Ghoul gives you that eerie feeling, the same you get when watching brutal horror movies like ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, and also ‘Friday The 13th’ and so on. Their style of playing is very straight forward with aggressive growling vocals and fast guitars. This is thrash at its throat slashing best. The track Bringer of War is exactly that, it will bring hell in the pits, elbows will be smashing jaws and bodies will be dropped as this song ravages metalheads.

Get on your motor cross bike, grab a machete and kill evil soldiers that threaten lives of humans as you play this album loud. “Shred The Dead” is the anthem for a debauchery during zombie apocalypse, for lovers of gore and the undead this track will definitely hype them up and let their machetes shed blood. The guitar riffs on this track are top notch, with great hammering and pulling, moving down the neck with a heavy power chord, surely to mutilate the dead. The upbeat of the drums is just a classic sound heard in bands like Malevolent Creation, Exodus, and some slayer classic tunes. ghoul_boardgame02Relentless beatings are what this album will instigate in the pits, as whiplashes will be the product of this brutal thrash metal album. Solos with melodic tunes are abundant in most tracks, killer shredding is the keynote to this putrid sound. The album was skillfully mixed by Scott Evans, at Antisleep Studios in Oakland, California mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound in San Francisco, California.. Hence the touch of thrash metal and furious speed on drums, bass and skill on the guitar.

The entire album sounds like a movie scene where the band plays and their weapons are their instruments, sharp drum sticks, the guitars project fire or bolts as the solos play, their goal is to slay the demons trying to destroy their thrash sound, with no avail. The Record will be released July 29th via Tankcrimes Records, make sure to get your slime green vinyl and blood red vinyl. Make sure you are ready to decapitate the dead as this riffs and lyrics will enable your imagination and transport you to that battle field, know as the pit!

Get your Vinyl Here

-Hostile Jo

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