Armored Saint-Fall Tour

armoredsaintsThe metal movement is alive and Armored Saint is ready to give us those intense power cords and rhythmical drum beats. John Bush is ready to rock the stages across America with their metal sound. This band started in the 80’s during the metal movement, when Judas Priest was blazing and thrash metal was starting to reign the states. Armored Saint has released a whooping 7 plus metal anthems. In 2015 their most recent release titled “Win Hands Down” was an epic traditional metal record. With songs titled “Mess” and “An Exercise in Debauchery” they reaffirm the crowds that listen to metal that Armored Saint is strong and ready to create more metal. This album is packed with metal riffs, that take you back to the 80’s with power and astonishing drum blasts by Gonzo Sandoval. The guitar solos by Phil Sandoval and Jeff Duncan are the keystone to this album, with the clean vocals John Bush can deliver and perpetuate a cosmical force into metal head’s souls. The bass lines by Joey Vera are loud and powerful adding the heaviness to songs like “That Was Then, Way Back When” and the best heavy metal sound of 2016.  Fall is coming and so is John Bush, Armored Saint will be touring with special guests Queensryche, if you want to experience metal’s true sounds get your ticket for this live event.

To preview and purchase Win Hands Down, visit:

ARMORED SAINT w/ Metal Church:
7/14/2016 Underworld – London, UK
7/16/2016 Rock Fest Barcelona @ Parc de Can – Barcelona, ES
7/28/2016 Headbangers Open Air – Brande-Hornerkirchen, DE
7/29/2016 Saarmageddon @ Messegelande – Saarbrucken, DE
7/30/2016 Nord Open Air – Essen, DE
10/08/2016 Loud Park Festival – Tokyo, JP
w/ Queensrÿche, Midnight Eternal:
11/15/2016 Showbox At The Market – Seattle, WA
11/16/2016 Ace Of Spaces – Sacramento, CA
11/18/2016 House Of Blues – San Diego, CA
11/22/2016 Alamo City Music Hall – San Antonio, TX
11/23/2016 Scout Bar – Houston, TX
11/25/2016 Clicks – Tyler, TX
11/26/2016 Trees – Dallas, TX
11/29/2016 Mavericks at the Landing – Jacksonville, FL
11/30/2016 Culture Room – Fort Lauderdale, FL
12/01/2016 The Cuban Club – Tampa, FL
12/02/2016 The Music Farm – Charleston, SC
12/03/2016 Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
12/04/2016 Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA
12/06/2016 Irving Plaza – New York, NY
12/07/2016 Rex Theatre – Pittsburgh, PA
12/08/2016 Diesel Concert Lounge – Chesterfield, MI
12/09/2016 Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
12/11/2016 Limelight – Peoria, IL
12/13/2016 The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
12/14/2016 Kanza Hall – Overland Park, KS
12/15/2016 The Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO

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