Lustravi- Cult Of The Blackened Veil Out Now


May 6th 2016 was the date when Lustravi debut album shined from below the crypts to the  world. The purveyors of black metal have songs that are infernal with melodic guitar riffs and drums that will catch your attention. Geoffrey McWhorter and Zachary Cook create the blasphemous sounds on guitar giving this band the ability to project their black mass to the dying world. Morgan Weller (vocals, bass) founded the band in 2014, only two years young and this band has a clear path of what obscure sounds they want to implement while they summon the dark forces. Drummer Cory Keister gives the cannons life, and explosive power which will brutally assault your ears.

Their song “Dreams Haunt My Sleep” starts with a mesmerizing flamenco sound and alleviates all sorrow, preparing you for what “O, Sanctifier” has to offer: an explosion of hate, rebellion and orthodox black metal. You will hear the screams, conveying all hate towards religion and its music will enter the soul, eradicating all benevolent beings and instilling darkness. The track “Sabrina” has this melancholic black metal riff that is slowed down by the drums and bass, allowing Morgan to scream and defile this being. “Cult Of The Blackened Veil” is extreme and religion cringes as this diabolical embodiment feeds on your soul. The album was released by Obscure Musick and you can preview their entire album on band camp make sure you transport to this page and hail all mighty Lustravi. Black metal has not been so classic, and rooted in years as it is in this god profaning full length anthem.

Stalk Lustravi:

Lustravi Is:

Morgan Weller (Bass, Vocals)
Geoffrey McWhorter (Guitar)
Zachary Cook (Guitar)
Cory Keister (Drums)


Take a listen here to this blackened mass


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