Iskra- Anarchist Black Metal Purveyors.

iskragirlSouthern Lord has teamed up with Iskra, a band from Victoria, British Columbia which has manifested a classic metal that will reach into your soul, churn it and expel it from your body with ease. Ruins is a compelling black metal album, as it has sounds that are violent at times, giving you that Dissection feel, as well as 1349. This band is an ominous act, that is desecrating the rotting bodies in their graves with blasphemous cannon blasts and extreme vocals. The track “Nihil” has a very catchy riff, and the breakdown in minute 2:00 is simply spectacular. The virility in the chord slide from one note to another is a classic sound best executed by bands like Morbid Angel, and a combination of Immortal. However, this band is very unorthodox in the extreme black metal they conjure during this track is aggressive, powerful and a blow to the throat. The speed on the tremolo is fascinating allowing the metal to infect your soul with darkness, aggressiveness and creative lyrics.

The album will drop on July 1st, including a twenty-page booklet with lyrics and liner notes. If you love that black metal that gives you cannon blasts, as well as furious tremolo shifting riffs with brutal vocal make sure you get this album and listen to the track titled Illegal, it is a doze of intense sounds, that transport you to the mosh pit and fill your body with pure adrenaline. The album  Ruins is compose of 13 songs, and it is a blast from beginning to end. The aggressive attack on your ears might give you a concussion, or you might break your neck head banging to this auspicious record. In support of this release, Iskra has joined the Canadian Destruction Tour 2016 and the dates are below, get your tickets oh Canada and let the black metal keep you frosty.

Preorder Your Copy of this Aggressive Black Metal Album Here

ISKRA Tour Dates:

7/05/2016 The Black Lab – Vancouver, BC

7/06/2016 The Swamp – Kamloops, BC

7/07/2016 Winlaw Community Center – Winlaw, BC

7/08/2016 Emmedia Gallery – Calgary, AB

7/09/2016 Clints Haus – Edmonton, AB

7/10/2016 Amigos Cantina – Saskatoon, SK

7/11/2016 Grimwood Forest – Wellman Lake, MB

7/12/2016 The Handsome Daughter – Winnipeg, MB

7/13/2016 TBA – Thunder Bay, ON

7/14/2016 The Moose Lodge – Sault St. Marie, ON

7/15/2016 The Asylum – Sudbury, ON

7/16/2016 Spiderfest 2016 – Meyersburg, ON

7/17/2016 The Doors Pub – Hamilton, ON

7/18/2016 Coalition – Toronto, ON

7/19/2016 The Spill – Peterborough, ON

7/20/2016 Funeral Home – Ottawa, ON

7/22/2016 Evil Fest – Sainte-Angèle-de-Mérici, QC

7/23/2016 Maniac Mansion – Fredericton, NB

7/24/2016 The Esquire – Moncton, NB

7/25/2016 Baba’s Lounge – Charlotte Town, PE

7/26/2016 The Rawdawg House – Truro, NS

7/27/2016 The Khyber – Halifax, NS

7/29/2016 The Temple – St. Catherines, ON

7/30/2016 EVAC – London, ON

7/31/2016 Dominion House – Windsor, ON

8/01/2016 Dbeatstro – Toronto, ON

8/02/2016 The New American – Sault Ste Marie, ON

8/03/2016 TBA – Thunder Bay, ON

8/04/2016 Peak Community Center – Brandon, MB

8/05/2016 The Handsome Daughter – Winnipeg, MB

8/06/2016 The Mercury – Regina, SK

8/07/2016 TBA – Lethbridge, AB

8/08/2016 Vern’s – Calgary, AB

8/09/2016 Clints Haus – Edmonton. AB

8/10/2016 Record City – Vernon, BC

8/11/2016 38 The ALF House – Vancouver, BC

8/12/2016 TBA – Victoria, BC

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