Bella D- The Crystal Ceiling: A Soul Elevating Album Release

Bella D Album Cover.jpgDespite the life threatening condition known to human life as Cancer- Bella D has overcome all obstacles. With a life transformation experience, Bella D has created an insight to her state of mind amidst that ordeal. The release of The Crystal Ceiling is a life story of the test of time, endurance and perseverance, it tells a majestic story of love and fear. For lovers of Sci-fi and video games, this album is a story filled with a struggle to find love during a time of turmoil. The scenery depicted in the tracks brings a sense of the mechanical world, where a human lives seeking acceptance, love and companionship. When all else is lost, hope remains, which drives the soul to remain strong. The song “Save me” is an anthem for those in dire need of salvation, whether it’s mental depression, lost in faith or even desire to live this, song will elevate your soul and revive your inner self. This is a soul awakening album, transcending through darkness, guiding yo to that light where salvation awaits. The album was a compilation of multiple artists, inspiring the sound of dystopia and life preservation. The artists are listed below take a look and praise these talented musicians, as well as the singer, composer and warrior: Bella D. The album was released on May 13th, make sure to snatch a copy and enter the world of redemption, and fight for your daily life despite the odds. Bella D19 EDIT2

In addition to full production, dynamic drums and electronics led by DRMAGDN: Cyborg Drummer/DJ(Charlie Zeleny, known for his work withJordan Rudess,Blotted Science, Behold the Arctopus and more), The Crystal Ceiling also features performances by:

Tommy Kessler: Guitar: (Blondie, Rock of Ages, Blue Man Group)
Matt Beck: Guitar: (Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas)
Iakov Kremenskiy: (Talib Kweli, Outasight, Tanya Morgan)
Oscar Albis Rodriguez: Guitar/Bass/Keys: (A Great Big World)
Karl Cochran: Guitar: (Ace Freeley, Joe Lynn Turner)
Matt Rubano: Bass: (Taking Back Sunday, All-American Rejects)
Greg Smith: Bass: (Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Billy Joel)
Steve Ferlazzo: Keys: (Avril Lavigne)
David Cook: Keys: (Taylor Swift, David Guetta, Jennifer Hudson)
Paul Morris: Keys: (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rainbow)
Joe Deninzon: Strings: (Richie Blackmore, Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow)
Daniel Flam, New York Brass: Horns: (Kanye West, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, John Legend)
Kevin & Melinda Brown: Upright Bass/Strings/Harp: (NJ Pops, Staten Island Symphony, NJ Ballet)
Bashiri Johnson: Percussion: (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Queen)
Daniel Sadownick: Percussion: (Steely Dan, Jennifer Lopez, Billy Idol, The Roots)

With drummer Charlie Zeleny as DRMAGDN at her side and a slew of fantastic musicians behind her, BELLA D is finally able to turn this concept into a reality. Stay tuned for more music, videos, comic book segments, and beyond coming soon from BELLA D.

For more information on BELLA D, please visit:
@BellaDMusic (at Socials)

For more information on DRMAGDN, please visit:
@DRMAGDN (at Socials)


Take A Listen here To”Save Me”-  By Bella D 


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