Dark Funeral- Devilish Sound to Reign in Darkness


   download A dark force surfaces from the fire pits of hell, unleashing all its power with thunderous sounds and demonic laments. Dark Funeral, the lords of black metal have unleashed their 6th studio album titled Where Shadows For Ever Reign, a classical take of this band. Bands like to keep it traditional, while other bands like to experiment in their new albums, especially with the metal scene being so competitive and younger bands playing with amazing talent. However, Dark Funeral is not afraid to do consistent music that will summon the black forces during this satanic mass. It is known that Lord Ahriman is the lone survivor and only original member of Dark Funeral; perhaps that is what drove this album to sound a bit familiar. Now there is nothing wrong with that, as all the black metal elements are present in this black arts record. The very first song –“Unchain My Soul” has a slow introduction with that great guitar riff, and explodes with the double pedal adding a diabolical speed to the rest of the song. There is no doubt that Dark Funeral’s sound will never dwindle, Lord Ahriman keeps the sounds of classic vocalist like Emperor Magus Caligula, with Heljarmadr, as he hits those satanic vocals and performs to Dark Funerals standard sound.

     Despite fans hoping for a different sound, Lord Ahriman keeps it to the roots of the Scandinavian Black Metal, adding those morbid guitar riffs that will transport you to the dark ages. On the blasphemous cannons you can hear Dominator assaulting those who dare enter the realm of darkness, striking the drums with vicious agility and gruesome speed in the song “As One We Shall Conquer”. It is imperative for Dark Funeral’s sound to remain similar and not experiment as the true fans can easily pick up on the tremolo of bloody riffs. Songs like “Beast Above Man” giving you that eerie sound, project an evil force at the listeners own risk, suddenly you find your self digesting the sound of the bass by Gustaf Hielm, who savages away as the inferno flames rise higher and hotter during this black mass. The topics are your classic Dark Funeral themes, lyrics of darkness, humanity reigning true forces of the supernatural and anti religion anthems like “Nail Them To The Cross”. The pits of hell are opened once more, as souls are sacrificed during this mass, allowing Dark Funeral’s requiems from the darkness perpetuate evil and reanimate soulless bodies.

      The track “The Eternal Eclipse” defines the sound of black metal, which is the trademark of Dark Funeral’s sound giving this album the darkness it needs. The drums are relentless, the guitar riffs stick to the classic black metal root of that second wave of black metal, and as Dark Funeral makes another onyx gem, their sound will forever reign in the hot pits of hell. The ominous clouds roll in from the west, with a cold winter night as “Where Shadows Forever Reign” plays, no demons were summoned this time but rest assure that the evil inside has awaken, this black metal sound will infiltrate your ears, black soul and the other side will await for your lifeless body with infernal flames.


Dark gloomy day in Los Angeles, and we give you Dark Funeral’s ominous video of -“Unchain My Soul” its a black mass as its best! The lords of darkness will send chills down your spine!! check it out.

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