Tengger Cavalry- Brings Spiritual Realms to Metal

DSC_0201Nomadic Mongolian Folk Metal has arrived in the US and Tengger Cavalry is destroying stages with their oriental themed songs. A band that is able to unite masses with their folk metal, adding a touch of oriental music is a talented one indeed. The Viper Room was overpowered with the throat singing of Nature Ganganbaigal and the Mongolian fiddle played majestically to heavy riffs by Uljmuren. Stories of Nomadic scenes were depicted as fans in The Viper Room went ecstatic creating a furious mosh. It all started with the march of death, breaking out into a pretty intense mosh pit in the opened space of The Viper Room. The rhythm of Tengger Cavalry’s fiddles and addition of the bass makes this Nomadic Folk Metal rise and dance relentlessly. Songs like “War Horse” kept people on their feet, as Nature would sing using that Mongolian monkish style known as throat singing. The combination of traditional Mongolian Music; which has influences of Russian Folk music, Indian Folk Music among others is the heaviest if not deadliest in the Metal world. Metal in its true spiritual form, it will make you reach catharsis waking an electrifying force in you. Alex Abayev on the bass is delicate and powerful with the notes that give a heavier sound to this folk metal. To some, it was their first time ever listening to Tengger Cavalry and they were enamored with their heavenly sound. This band is based off New York, and their ability to wake up souls is far less from what they can do on stage, they can revive souls from the underground with their breath taking traditional dance songs, songs that will be heavy, and only the underworld will understand. Up on stage stands Nature Ganganbaigal who mastered the Mongolian throat singing skill, giving oriental sounds life in the metal community.


DSC_0352As Nature would sing, you will also hear Robert McLaughlin make some throat noises; as if he was summoning the spirits form the underworld. Meanwhile he would play his fiddle one that he built on his own. Robert McLaughlin told us how he became to learn about this instrument and the music itself- “About six years ago I decided to build my own fiddle, I took it upon my self to learn how to build one. My father always taught me about Mongolian music and when I met Nature and Alex I knew this was what I needed to do be part of this amazing band.” Alex Abayev mentioned –“We made the band and we are influenced by Russian, Mongolian and other types of traditional music from the world.” This Nomadic Mongolian Metal talks about mountainsides, voyages and warhorses in a very spiritual yet metal way. Obviously that combination is possible and Tengger Cavalry are creating a different kind of monster, the metal community better brace it self as this heavy sound will strike with a majestic force.

Check out the rest of Tengger Cavalry’s tour and be ready to get in touch with your inner animal, as it awakes with the spiritual Nomadic Mongolian Folk Metal.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

02 Jun- Mothlight  Asheville, NC               RSVP/Tickets
03 Jun- Belvederes Ultra-Dive  West Pittsburg, PA             RSVP
04 Jun- The Marlin Room at Webster hall  New York, NY
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Feast your eyes and ears with this live performance.

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