Empyrean Throne/Unicorn Death

DSC_0883The Viper Room is a classic concert venue where artists who display their love for music to the max play all types of music. On May 29th, 2016 The Viper Room witnessed the most intense metal display by two bands one name Empyrean Throne and the second being Unicorn Death. Yes Unicorn Death is right, we are not making a mockery of the band, their name does describe what they compose lyrically adding folk death metal to the mix. Their sound is aggressive, with talented guitarist, keyboardist, bassist, drummer and Vocalist. This ensemble of dark figures can surely raise hell on stage. Songs like “Fear is in your Eyes” where the symphonic introduction only warns you of what melody is about to hit your ears is transcendent. Cassie Morris whimsical voice sooth your ears as she play majestically the keyboard. Meanwhile Ryan Leaver and Jeff Alexander shred giving you some folkish metal that will transport you to high peaks on mountains or the dungeons where dragons may sleep. On the Bass Devan Lee skillfully gives the heavy notes metal consists of, while Diane Cameron does add ambiance with backing vocals and Harmonies in songs like “Ride The Sun”. Shawn Cameron blasts the drums at the speed of light adding tactical cymbal fills and great double bass pedal combinations. All in all this band is not a gimmick, they are real talented musicians that give their sound to the world with possible influences of Ensiferum, or Even Hammerfall, but that’s not here nor there.


DSC_0949The second act was a brutal display of Symphonic Black Metal, heard of Behemoth? Yea I am comparing them to the godly figures of Behemoth. Four dark lords are unveiled as the curtains opened, and the blasting sounds of their drums perpetuated evil across the venue. With their symphonic sound Empyrean Throne punished the poor virgin ears of those who had no idea how potent their sound was. Andrew Knudsen’s vocals are pure gore and define the sound of Empyrean Throne. Brutality is definitely their aspiration, as Mike Brennan head bangs while he masterfully plays the six-string axe projecting pure malevolence towards the crowd. Meanwhile on the drums, Martin Stacey manifested the art of cannon blasting. Those hellish blasts made The Viper Room shake as “Follow The Plaguelord” mutilated those lifeless carcasses standing before Empyrean Throne. There is an art, a dark form, which takes over the metal world and Empyrean Throne, knows well how to execute and attract by standards. The Cello/Orchestrations are another intense sound that makes this band sound like any European Black Metal band; they are contenders in the Symphonic Black Metal and this time they are from California. Make sure to check them out and keep an eye opened for this dark force as they conquer all.DSC_0937.JPG


Los Angeles should fear these two bands as they will certainly create havoc and mark their ground with their atrocious sound. Empyrean Throne is the best Symphonic Black Metal California has produced and they are intense, malevolent and dark. Unicorn Death will take you on a voyage across rivers and sooth your mind with their melodic folk metal. Make sure you support the local bands and stay tuned for more on these killer acts.


Reported By: Hostile Jo


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