Desaster-Scourging The US

Desaster will be returning to the US this summer and the four appearances should not be missed. This band is a very trashy/blackened metal that inflicts pain to your brain with their ferocious riffs. The speed on this band’s sound is brutal; they recently released a ten song killer album titled, The Oath Of An Iron Ritual, which is anything but dull. They will be touring in festivals like: Milwaukee and Maryland Deathfeast, along with the Headbangers In Houston. The song “Proclamation in Shadows” is a virtual punch in your face, filled with aggressive drum blasts, black metal riffs and the animosity of demons scourging the earth. The band collectively stated, “Maniacs, we are proud to be back in the States soon,” they will bring the pain, with their mastered sound in over twenty-seven years. The band was formed in Koblenz, Germany, following the foot steps of Destruction and Hellhammer back in 1988, their sound never slowed down, hence why Metal Blade picked up this vicious band in 2005.  If you think you can handle the barrage of brutal riffs get your tickets and make sure you throw those fucking horns up while moshing.

Desaster is:

Infernal: Guitar
Sataniac: Vocals
Tormentor: Drums
Odin: Bass

Reporte by: Hostile Jo


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