A.H.P. Had A Message For The Human Plague

A.H.P. 2A while back we had the chance to get this band’s touchy album, death themed, suicidal themed and dark ambiance inspired; Against Human Plague sent us death. If you have yet to hear their maniacal music please do so right after you read what is about to make your stomach churn.

  • Rockbrary- “What influences the dark sounds in the song Against Human Plague?
  • Against Human Plague- “Anger , hatred and scorn.”
  • RB- “This is your debut as a black metal/dark ambient band, what bands motivated you to write this?
  • A.H.P- “Early nineties Bm bands like War, Beherit, old Mayhem, old Emperor, old Darthrone…, but also Dark/Ritual Ambient projects like Aghast, Endura, Coil, In slaughter Natives and many more … “
  • RB-“What song has any personal meaning in this album?”
  • A.H.P.- “Drowned” is the most personal of them all.”
  • RB- “Why ambiance songs? I mean they are great sounds would you consider trying to have any of those songs in a horror movie if the chance would present it self?”
  •  A.H.P.-“That was the whole point. I wanted to mix Black Metal in 90’s vein with Dark Ambient. I am into both kinds of music so it was natural for me that sooner or later I will combine both of them by creating side project. I never thought about having my ambient songs in a horror movie but if it would be an interesting project, why not?”
  • RB- “What is the writing process for this band?”
  •  A.H.P.- “It depends. If it is BM song then I start with guitars and drums. I record reh version and add bass and vocals tracks in the end. If it is an ambient songs I usually start with keyboard adding effects later on.”
  • RB- “Death is obviously the main subject on this album, what is your take on the matter? “
  • A.H.P.- “Death is the end of everything. There is nothing after. No heaven and no hell. Just nothingness…”
  • RB- “How was the recording process and are you looking forward to touring any time soon?”
  • A.H.P.- “I was recording most of “Against Human Plague” at my home Paranoic Abyss Studio for around two years. Later on I’ ve moved to Monroe Sound Studio to finished the rest of the production. For now A.H.P. is only a studio project but I am open for playing live. Hopefully I will be able to find proper musicians who can support me on stage.”
  • RB- “Do you have any favorite bands that you have not seeing play live that you would like to watch? “
  • A.H.P.- “Most of the bands that I would like to see live, no longer exists unfortunetlly. I am thinking about bands like Tsatthoggua for example, but consider nowaydays BM bands I guess it would be Marduk, cause I seen them live in 1999 for the last time, also Mysticum, Ad Hominem, The True Black Dawn. There would be probobly some more but I can think of any others right now.”
  • RB- “What is the Human plague from your standing point?”
  •  A.H.P.- “All stupid people without any deeper needs. Obedient morons, without their own opinion who live only to follow the orders…Fashion zombies, ignorants, hypocrites in metal environment. It has many faces if you know what I mean.”
  • RB- “If you can resuscitate any one from the death, who would it be and what would be the one thing you’d do with them before they decay again?”
  • A.H.P.- “I wouldn’t resuscitate anybody. I don’t like people in general. Less the better…”
  • RB- “Are you a true fan of the darkness? Or is this just an act to attract those lovers of the dark arts? “
  • A.H.P.- “I don’t do anything to attract anybody. I don’t want to be famous rock star so I don’t give a fuck about lovers of dark art or any lovers at all. This is fucking Black Metal not some kind of “like collecting” competition. AGAINST HUMAN PLAGUE!!! FUCK YOU ALL”

Artists with views like that make great music, as they input all their hatred and scorn into the electric field while recording. Songs that stir anger in you are what artist like this guy enjoy composing. Inspired by Marduk and other originators of black metal Agains Human Plague is ready for on stage action and looking for talented musicians who are willing to sacrifice their lives to be in an all time black metal band. This interview gave me the chills and felt surreal, however humanity is definitely blind by many things and there is plenty of ignorant people out there. Check out some of the songs this young lad gave us and listen to the brutal dark mass.


Reported By: Hostile Jo

Track 1. -A.H.P. “Against Human Plague” Track 2. – A.H.P. “Unleashed The Storms”


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