Mortuary- “Nothingless Than Nothingness”

Mortuary-cover-artworkCall it a bargain and say it’s the worse you’ve ever had….but it doesn’t matter cause the music rips!!!!!! What’s up metalheads! It turns out the french have more than just tasty pastries and hot women. They also have awesome metal music. There’s nothing lovey dovey or flakey about the latter though as you’ll come know when you listen to “Nothingless than Nothingness”. If Rick Grimes started a band in the zombie apocalypse it would sound like Mortuary and he’d be on vocals. Axe for a microphone to slash, hack, and sing to the dead with a vengeance. Mortuary’s latest effort brings the nostalgia with a nice layer of doom and brute force primed into classic 80’s thrash/death metal sound that has long been forgotten but will never die. Funny cause these guys started in the mid to late 80’s and were very much under the radar. It didn’t help that there were probably a few bands with the same name. I had a heck of a fucking time finding anything on these guys. Anyway NLTN starts off with a crushing intro “Only Dead Witness”. Yep, it’s that crushing. Ya have to be dead to hear it. Alright maybe not but it’s like a T- Rex just stepped on ya. Still alive? Good. I can hear the Sepultura influence in the music. It’s only fitting considering the other elements I mentioned (thrash, death, doom, your mother) Alright maybe not your mother but you get the idea. “Empty” starts the fire with a short fuse bringing the thrash, like rocks in a blender. Loud and fast the song explodes into a lead at the two minute mark that will have you head banging so crazily ya may just headbutt your own asshole. (Don’t fucking try it) Mortuary-photoNLTN is like a feature compilation of shark attacks. There’ll be moments where you’ll be like OH SHIT! and WHOA!. You may even have a few FUCK YEAH!! moments all in celebration of the awesome riffs and heaviness the album carries. Guess what? Mortuary covered a Beatles song. Yesterdead. With special guest Paul McCartney on bass…… Just fucking with ya! Not like you fell for it. My favorite song here is K. No, the song is not about potassium or cornflakes. K has a little bit of everything. The brief but edgy bass line intro, a fast thrashy riff with a dual guitar harmony, an acoustic mid-break then it swings back to the dual guitar riff. Now that’s the stuff. Fat fucking riffs, a few sharp leads, a couple of killer harmonies and all the fucking doom to fight off a fucking zombie horde! Nothingless Than Nothingness is ominously heavy from beginning to end spewing out metal the only way Mortuary can and man do they deliver. Check it out. I’m a bit late to the party since the album was released January this year but just like your mother it gets better with time…..I mean Wine! Just like wine.

Thanks for reading. See you in the mosh!!!!!

Reported By: Clash The Impaler


Mortuary- “K”-

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