Behemoth- Blasphemia 2016

DSC_0022It all started with a dark hymn, and synthetic keyboards as from the fog a sublime figure entered the stage. Myrkur started her set and outside I stood, waiting among those other death metal fans. Fans, who anxiously waited to enter The Observatory to witness a dark atmosphere and sounds of the underground lined up to get their gear. Shirts with skulls on, shirts with figures of evil, those who got their hands on them are some lucky S.O.B’s (sons of Behemoth). Finally, the stage was set and Myrkur was two songs in, looking at her majestic visage, astonished the fans head banged. Have you ever heard a dark angel sing? Well Myrkur would have been the first time, her voice is clean and angelic, you could see the light shining from below. However, there was that black metal demonic voice she would transition to, one, which makes you think what kind of demons were possessing this gorgeous creature. Nonetheless, her set was semi short as the giants of black metal were about to ensue what fans call a satanic movement. That’s right Nergal’s Behemoth was ready to blast your ears as Gabriel blew those trumpets and god cried in his throne of lies. This was Blasphemia 2016 and Orange County was ready to receive with arms wide opened this malevolent creation. DSC_0134The latest album release of Behemoth titled The Satanist was played in its entirety including other songs from previous brutal albums. If you ask me the introduction to their set which was “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” was a dark and ominous start. The satanic masses in the venue released their energy as Behemoth proceeded to astonish them with their ferocious sound during “Furor Divinus”. The mosh pit was deadly, as fans would hail Behemoth during their satanic act. This was a ritual, one that has never been performed in the country filled with preachers of lies, but this band’s fan base was there to spill blood during the mantra. Nergal wearing his black legion attire with white painted face, ravaged those vocal cords to profess the beheading of gods and rinsing of sins with maleficent guitar riffs as Orion stood his ground like a titan from the underground. Seth on lead guitar was shredding and adding those intense merciless guitar riffs. The dark aura that was conveyed from his soul penetrated the viewers and levitated them in an elixir of dark matter. As the horns were raised, Inferno blasted those cannons and would reanimate the dead during the song Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer, the hymn of the new age satanic. The set was not even halfway its course and peoples heads were rolling. DSC_0275This is definitely a great brutal black metal act, which can reassure you the dark forces around us exist. With the darkness of the lyrics, and the aggression of the music this band is stomping on grounds and the legions are listening, they have awaken from their sleep and will follow this band to the blazing pits of hell. If you have never heard of Behemoth, I suggest you stop reading this and go buy their albums, all of them. Nergal is not shy to express his views, the songs he writes like Amen and O Father O Satan O Sun are his trademarks and musical form of defiling religion. As a writer, and metal head fan, Nergal caught my attention in 2003 with their album Zos Kia Cultus, which allowed me to manifest this great interest in their previous works. DSC_0582The track off Thelema 6 titled – Antichristian Phenomenon was definitely the jam I would blast as the Pentecostals would stand outside my door, knocking and leaving their fake propaganda on my doorknob. Instinctively, I would pick that vile paper and trash it, not once did they see my face. When Behemoth blasted those beautiful riffs and drum blasts accompanied by a grotesque growl by Nergal and the rest of the legions I lost my shit. That was the great song that got me through high school and allowed me to see there were others like me out there who believed religion was meant to be abhorred by the realist. Enough about my experiences, the highlight of the night while behemoth was performing the black arts was when Nergal fed the body of Christ to those below him, he blessed the corpus and threw at the followers the last of its remains during the song “In the Absence Ov Light”. Nergal is the prophet, and he removed his blind a long time ago. Humanity is vile and only we create evil and good, Behemoth creates both, evil music that is beyond good. The closing song was Chant For Ezkaton 2000 e.v. and it was the best song to finalize this diabolical merciless and religion defiling metal show. Behemoth is the darkest, prolific and aggressive metal act since Mayhem.


Reported By: Hostile Jo


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