Valleys Move Forward After Members Loss

valleysbandModern progressive/experimental metal group VALLEYS have returned from their 18-day Experiment One: Asylum Tour. With the success of their new album and with the incredible feedback presented by this tour, VALLEYS have announced they are ready to start writing for the next record.

On February 5th, 2016, VALLEYS lost vocalist, MIkey Clement, to a horrific car accident. This unfortunate event set off a massive change in the band. Bassist, Brandon Clement, brother of Mikey, decided to leave the band as well. Now the band is set as a four piece. The tragic passing of Mikey and the sudden departure of Brandon left a big toll on the remaining members of VALLEYS. However, the band vows to push forward in tribute and memory of Mikey.

The writing process for the new record will take a while, but the band is planning to release an EP in late 2016 before continue progress on the follow up toExperiment One: Asylum, slated for a 2017 release.


Order your copy of Experiment One: Asylum via iTunes now! Experiment One: Asylum tells the story of main character Asylum, who battles with multiple-personality disorder stemming from a dark personal tragedy. Each track on the album explores a different personality, weaving the listener through a mind of severe mental illness with a dynamic, heavy soundtrack.

Here’s what many had to say about the last record.

They are doing something powerful and exciting, something that reflects their scene but which is also very intelligent and promises to bring the genre forward. These are the kinds of things that helps to make the music grow and it’s important for the genre as a whole that bands like this exist” –Matt Bacon, Metal Injecction
“The band’s musical style also has multiple personalities, blending precise technical and extreme sections with melodic and more experimental parts. It’s very modern sounding with a lot of twists and turns in terms of tempo, atmosphere and intensity.”Chad Bowar, Heavy Metal


“…the balance of the material here is well conceived and equally well executed… Scurlack and company deftly navigate the music’s twists and turns as Mitchell and Clement play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on the mics.”Peter Atkinson,


“Raleigh’s VALLEYS have crafted a well-executed progressive metalcore album withExperiment One: Asylum that is almost inhumanly spot-on for genre style points.”Morgan Ywain Evans,


“Sucking you in with melody and audio concepts, there is a softness that lures in listeners, then slams them up against the wall in hard hitting riffs.” Marisa Williams,

VALLEYS Experiment One: Asylum line-up:

Jayson Mitchell- Vocals

Mikey Clement- Vocals

R.J. Riggle- Guitar

Brandon Scurlark- Guitar

Brandon Clement- Bass

Robert Meikle- Drums



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