Katalepsy-“Critical Black Mass” Video


Katalepsy has manufactured yet another brutal assault and it wants blood. With their upcoming release of Gravenous Hour as their second full-length album this Moscow-based death metal band will take you by your throat and obliterate you. This album is set to be release on May 27th, through Unique Leader Records, recorded at Cosmos Studios by Arkady Navaho. Katalepsy has released the first single from the record for the song titled- “Critical Black Mass”. This song is a manifestation of evil, in dire need of blood, skull smashing drums blast, and brutal penetration of sharp guitar riffs. This technical death metal band is marking its territory in the current populated death metal scene with this track, as the guitar solos come in the second half of the song and they are a glorifying sound, filled with speed, brutality and aggression. The song can definitely set the world on fire, leaving your ears bleeding and head spinning ready to spin off your neck. You can check out their lyrical video of “Critical Black Mass” Here courtesy of No Clean Singing

Reported By: Hostile Jo

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