Internal Suffering- 3 Chapter-Concept Album

Brutal death metal creators, Internal Suffering, to release a three-chapter concept album, titled ‘Cyclonic Void Of Power’. This 5th full length-album will be released via Unique Leader Records. This album will bring darkness to the world on June 24th, 2016 in CD, vinyl and digital formats, as we will release some teaser songs pending. The brutality was documented at 16th Cellar Studios in Rome, where orchestral bands like FleshGod Apocalypse has done some work too, as well as Hour of Penance and Hideous Divinity.InternalSuffering This new album, Cyclonic Void Of Power takes you through a dark black hole that will pull you in draining your energy as you head bang and mosh in live shows. They have explored mythological and magic chaotic universe topics, with this new album they pushed the envelope and got more aggressive and creative. The band was spawned in 1996, originally from Pereira, Columbia migrating to Madrid, Spain. Their technical guitar skills are brutal as they pair up with those sick double pedals and furious bass beats. However, the vocals entice your hearing as this band has a sound like Decapitated, Vader and Incantation. Their extreme act (‘Chaotic Matrix’, ’02 via Displeased Records, ‘Awakening of The Rebel’, ’06 via Unique Leader Records)-to name a few, has opened the gates of festivals like; Maryland Deathfest, Ohio Deathfest and Bangkok Deathfest being from Latin America they also debaucher stages at the Rock At The Park, which draws over 100,000 metalheads. This band is not new to the sounds of hell, and chaos as they project both in its purest raw form with their brutal death metal. Stay tuned for teasers, and make sure you get you copy of their forthcoming album, ‘Cyclonic Void Of Power’.

Reported by: Hostile Jo

Cyclonic Void Of Power Track Listing:

  1. Ride The Mountains Of Madness (Introduction)


Chapter I

Ancient Dwellers Outside The Circles Of Time

  1. Unleash The Antarctic Colossus

(Prevail In The Universe With Crowning Might… Kadath Is The Vortex!)

  1. Omnipotent Triumvirate

(The Second Call Of Cthulhu | Heirs Of Might)

4.Vanished From Cosmos

(Parallel Orb Inception… Expelled From The Nebula!)

Chapter II

Aeonian Passages To Unfathomable Dimensions

  1. Monumental Crusade

(Portal Of Universal Secrets | Revitalized Into… Amenta!)

  1. Dimension Of The Wicked

(Creation Of Phenomenal Existence… Into The Tunnels Of Set!)

  1. Upon Mystical Gateways

(Defeat The Primal Fear… Unity Lies Beyond The Cosmos!)

  1. Cyclonic Void Of Power

(One With Eternity | Outer Gateways)

Chapter III

Of Frozen Wastelands And The Mythos Beyond…

  1. Abominable Highlands

(Into The Monolithic Citadel Of Nyarlathotep!)

  1. Protectors Of The Slumber Empire

(Inhabitants Of The Watchtower | Polaris In The Sky)

  1. Órbitas Ancestrales De Poder

(Vorágine De La Negación | Efigie De Lo Supremo… 333!)




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