Omaphagia-“In The Name Of Chaos”

Unique Leader Records is continuously bringing you the best metal in the world. Yes, the world! from Switzerland they have dug out of the rubble a brutal force to be reckoned- Omophagia. You read that shit right, look it up its Greek. Like all other Greek rooted words lets break this one down. It comes from Omophagy- the process of eating raw flesh. Well that is definitely what you will feel or crave to do as soon as you hear this flesh thirsty quintet. They are Swiss, and their callous guitar riffs will make you rip your flesh out and consume your self in this sound. Spare yourself the pain and just dig in to this murderous album titled- “In The Name of Chaos”. Omophagia3-300x274An eleven-song premiere album, which with keen force will enter those wretched ears of yours. They are currently touring Europe with Morgoth, Incantation and Darkside. Omophagia was eaten back to life in December 2006, and self-released their Devouring demo a year later. They have the intensity of bands like Deicide and vocals of Glen Benton. They contain a rhythmical factor that pulls you in imprisoning your minds and bending your reality. They will continue destroying European stages with their blasphemous drums, brutal guitar riffs and flesh consuming vocals. The album was recorded at the band’s own studio, mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio in Poland.


Reported By: Hostile Jo

Stream their New Album “In The Name Of Chaos”

European Touring Dates:

OMOPHAGIA w/ Morgoth, Incantation, DarkRise:
4/12/2016 Viper Room – Vienna, AU
4/13/2016 Blue Note – Poznan, PL
4/14/2016 Brrack Club – Ostrava, CZ
4/15/2016 Club From Hell – Erfurt, DE
4/16/2016 Hypothalamus – Rheine, DE
4/17/2016 Iduna – Drachten, NL
4/18/2016 Baroeg – Rotterdam, NL
4/19/2016 Maison Du Peuple – Chappelle-Lez Ht, BE
4/20/2016 Nambucca – London, UK
4/21/2016 Audio – Glasgow, UK
4/22/2016 Talking Heads – Southampton, UK
4/23/2016 Helvete – Oberhausen, DE

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