Serial Butcher: Return to Horror Films Soundtracks.

serialButcherBrutality and gore obsessed music and movies go hand in hand. The independent movie company, known as Troma has been around for fourty-two years now creating savagery scenes that will make you flinch and keep you intrigued with their dark brutal films. This company is to blame for horrifying movies like Poultrygeist and the Toxic Avenger. This independent movie studio will also continue to add brutal music to its soundtrack from trash metal to death metal in their upcoming release of Return To Nuke ‘Em High Volume 2. One of the lucky bands in that soundtrack is Serial Butcher, a band meticulously surgically created in 1995. These guys love to write about brain molestation and mutilation in many forms, they sure depict gruesome images of cranial smashing and vile physical degradation. Their most serious attempt to showcase brutal assaults on the head is ‘Brute Force Lobotomy’, out now through Unique Leader Records. The song “Born on A Chopping Block” is aggressive and the double pedals are an incarnation of evil. The morbid melody halfway the song is compelling and instills madness. If you think that is all they have check out the song “Bowel Soup”, the name should tell you what they would talk about. So get your bread and engorge in this tasty meal known as “Bowel Soup”. Stay tuned for any media coverage and news about this body mutilating band , also don’t forget to get your copy of Brute Force Lobotomy out now via Unique Leader Records.


Check out their Album- Brute Force Lobotomy, Courtesy of Decibel Magazine

Reported by: Hostile Jo

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