DeathTale-Whole World Burns Out Now

Deathtale8.jpgDeathtale is a project, which pierces your ears with brutality and speed. Their founders Tom Krautner and Phil Spath of Demolition manifested this trash act in September of 2008 adding to the band Thoman Trausmuth (Guitars) and Peter Musch on guitars as well. They played shows with bands like Gorgoroth, Vader and The Agonist amongst others. In 2012 the band debuted with their album “Apocalyptic Deadline” recorded in Hinterhof Studio Vienna and released via Terrasound Records. Unfortunately everything changes and they lost their first guitarist acquiring Arian Rezaie and Patrick Pieler on vocals. Their most anticipated album “Whole World Burns” is a relentless effort of trash-metal being influenced by Death, it was out early 2016 once again via Terrasound Records. To get a load of their new music video of “Everything Changes” just follow the link.

Reported by: Hostile Jo


DeathTale- “Everything Changes”




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