Coffin Dust-Exhuming The Carcasses from The Graves

Philadephia- Based trash grave robbers, Coffin Dust will release their new album this coming May. Coffin Dust was mutated in 2008 with Slime, from Exhumed and drummer Danny Disgustor. Their elements on this album are trashy, with gory vocals and hammering drums. Their career has seeing many releases and Everything Is Dead will be their second full-length album. As they had previously released This Cemetery, My Kingdom in 2014 via Unholy Anarchy Records as their first debut full-length masterpiece. Coffin-Dust-Promo-Photo-II-2The sounds of their new upcoming album will make you prisoners of your own worst dreams, as the guitars tear your insides and the hammering of the drums smash your brains out. Everything is Dead will be out on May 6th, 2016. Get your copy of this abomination and be ready to ravage through the streets as you blast this great album.

Stream their underground sound here.

Coffin Dust is:

Slime- Pick axe and Mucous

Bone Daddy-Cellar Dweller

Eerie Steve- Chainsaw & Garrote Wire

Danny Disgustor- Casket Pounder




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