Ancient Spell- Talks About Their Sound

AS7Straight from California, you will hear the most gruesome sounds from a band that stands their ground playing doomed metal for the masses. Yes, the glam metal is long gone, and bands like Ancient Spell remind us that the real metal is that which keeps being created. In this case, doomed metal is the genre and the bands album titled Forever In Hell is dark and heavy. Yes, there are roaring vocals along with heavy guitar riffs with a touch of eerie sounds. The drums are symbolic and blast through out the entire album. Songs like “Cease To Exist” is a morbid melody that will have you crawling back for more pounding beats. We caught up with the guys from Ancient Spell and this is what they had to tell us.

Rockbrary- “What bands inspired your deep heavy sound?”

Donnie Marhefka- “I grew up in a huge family so luckily for me I have many different influences in music. But as for me and my vocals, I have to go with my favorite singer Chuck Billy of Testament. He’s got a great unique tone when you hear him you know right away it’s him, and he can actually sing and can also get down really low almost death metal. I also got to say I was a huge fan of Glen Benton of Deicide back in the day. I think his voice on “Once upon the Cross” was the perfect voice for that particular style & time. I try to incorporate both in my style.”


RB- “Some guitar sounds resemble that of Black Sabbath, can you say Tony Iommi was an influence in your sound?”

DM- “We are all Black Sabbath fans. Yes Conrad is a huge Iommi fan which you can pick up and hear when he’s playing right away.”

RB- “An LA. Band like you must have tons of competition, what makes you guys keep going with this heavy doom sound? Why not trash metal or heavy metal?”

DM-  “Yes there is a lot of bands in L.A., but I don’t like to think of it as a competition and competing with other bands. We have a strong fan following and we are kind of selective about playing a certain number of shows here, because it is so saturated that fans may not come out just knowing that you will play again soon. We just do what we do. We don’t really try to be this or that, we just play with what comes out natural & feels good. The only thing we are shooting for is heavy. The new record well having coming out 2017 will have a little more elements. You’ll hear some different stuff as we keep evolving as a band.”

RB- “How does one acquire the name “the brothers of doom”?”

DM- “Being in a band is like being in a “family” and when we rehearse, when we play or hang out we consider ourselves brother the “Brother of Doom’ and we like to extend that to our other “Family” our fans they are all our “Brothers & Sisters of Doom”.”

RB- “What was the hardest song to record?”

DM-  “For me the hardest song was “Beyond the Gates” for some reason I couldn’t get it down and the phrasing Conrad wanted me to use was tough. It’s his song so trying to learn and memorize the timing was a little difficult for me.”

RB-“How was the tour last year?”

DM- “Last year’s tour went really well. We got a chance to play some new cities, meet some new people and make some new friends. The highlight for me was that my favorite singer of all time Chuck Billy came out to one of our shows. That was amazing seeing and performing for him. It was the icing on the cake for me.”

RB- “The song “Wizard Ov Doom” was added to the indie film, “Nowhereland”, will you be targeting more indie movies to promote your music?”

DM- “I would love to see our music everywhere, movies, commercials, football stadiums, and everywhere and anywhere possible.”

RB- “What formula do you guys have for the success of Ancient Spell?”

DM- “The formula we have that’s been working so far is good old fashioned hard work. Getting in the rehearsal studio and busting & sweating ass. Doing a lot of internet promotions. We gotta mention our record label Minotauro Records. They are doing a great job pushing and promoting us too.”

RB- “What is your ideal tour and who would you like to tour with?”

DM- “My personal ideal tour would be in Europe overseas with Testament & Black Label Society.”

RB- “How does it feel to have climbed to the #2 position on and “Best Los Angeles Metal Band”?”

DM- “Climbing to #2 was a personal great accomplishment for us. As you mention there is a lot of bands in LA and to make it to #2 and stand out from the rest was in my opinion damn good!”

RB- “What are Ancient Spell’s plans for the future? Will we be seeing more tours? Live Performances?”

DM- “We are always playing. We are going to try and do a southern tour soon to cover Texas, Arizona, and Nevada and back up through Southern California. We have already begun writing for the next record which we’ll probably start recording and hitting the studio early 2017. We want to put a few more songs on the next one and try to get 10-12 tunes on there.”

RB- “What is the song writing process, musically and lyrically?”

DM- “Conrad our guitarist is the primary writer thus far. He’s a machine he keeps pumping em out. Although Dan our newest guitarist brought in 2 new songs so far, and Jeff our bassist brought a couple to the table as well for the new record. Usually the guys will have all the songs completely writing both musically and lyrically, then I’ll try to memorize and learn the timing and phrasing that they want me to do. Then I go in and belt out the vocals.”

There you have it, these guys were not shy in letting us into their world of doom. Their next album will definitely bring more heaviness and darkness to this genre. These guys are busy and they love working as a band of brothers, just like Black Label Society having their mafia, they do invite all listeners to become brothers of doom. Get your albums and make sure to catch this dark band whenever they roam through your cities. From our screen to your, check this songs out.

Reported by:Hostile Jo

Acient Spell- “Cease To Exist”-




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