Debutant- First Fragment’s Single “Le Serment De Tsion”

Hard work and dedication pays off, for the quintet First Fragment of Canadian descent the boat they have boarded is going to steer them to success. What do you mean Canada has tech-death metal? Well there are many things Canada is good at besides their health program, and yes it is metal. First Fragment has being spawned in the land where Hockey was created too. Yes hockey and metal go hand in hand, they both are brutal and we love that don’t we.1stfrag.png Gabriel Brault-Pilon and Philippe Tougas had a death metal baby, one that is a simple side project but their passion for music and drive to play tech-death metal landed them a deal with Unique Leader Records, who over time has picked up the sickest bands in the metal realm. This band has insane guitar riffs, influenced by neo-classical music and flamenco elements, which are included in this 11-track masterpiece. Their guitar pick sweeps and tapping is mastered by lead guitarist, Phillipe Tougas. David Alexander Brault-Pilon who gives this band that death metal sound fans crave forces the vocals that are raw and brutal. The endless drumming by Troy Fullerton of Severed Savior, are land-minds with rhythmic catatonic echoes, in contrast with Vincent Savary’s heavy bass. The album titled Dasein will be released on May 20th, manifested by Mathieu Marcotte from Humanoise Studios and mixed by Huges Deslauries. You can hear sounds influenced by Yngwie Malsmteen in the guitar and the song “Le Serment De Tsion” resembles Symphony X. Their brutal take on flamenco is eminent in the death metal scene; the incorporation of it will levitate your body and emancipate your soul. The riffs at the introduction of the song are simply versatile and furious. From Canada, tech-death metal is migrating world wide, and nothing can stop their aggressive sound. First Fragment will lacerate your ears and elate your mind. Get the copy of their debut album and support the bands that matter.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Preview their Single-“Le Serment De Tsion”

5 thoughts on “Debutant- First Fragment’s Single “Le Serment De Tsion”

  1. The drums on this album were handled by Troy Fullerton of Severed Savior. Phil Bouched has been out of the band since 2014.


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