Gloria Mortis; Finish Metal With Brutal Lyrics

Death Metal horde, Gloria Mortis released a gut-wrenching album, titled Kuebiko last March 18th, and have now released a video for the song “Executioner” via Willowtip Records. The fury in the drumming (Kauko Kuusisalo) is what makes this band as fast as they can be. Mean while the demonic vocals are an exorcism requiem. The song “Executioner” depicts the tale of the man who kills those who deserve it. The eerie introduction builds up, as the drums strike your ears savagely. The guitar riffs, (Juho Raiha) which slide from fret to fret with melody, create a violent atmosphere, one that is needed for this bone smashing song. The bass lines are the nails on the coffin for those who are about to be executed by this brutal song. The main point of this song is about the man behind the ax, who kills by decree, a job is a job right? 2This band was exhumed from Heinola, Finland in 1999; in 2002 their issue of Ephemeral Lifespan demo set them on the charts. Supported by Metal Blade Records in North America, Gloria Morti became visible to the masses and lovers of all death. Their music is inspiring, deadly and straightforward with lyrics about true issues, like the song Josef Fritzl– who happened to be the sickest and most abhorred human being. Each song is simply callously constructed and set to create a merciless mosh-pit; the listener has no chance of catching their breath with Kuebiko. Get your copy of their brutal masterpiece and be ready to call the paramedics, as your neck will surely break.


Reported By: Hostile Jo

Check out the video to “Executioner”

-Courtesy of Revolver.

Members: Psycho – Vocals Juho Räihä – Guitars Eero Silvonen – Guitars Aki Salonen – Bass Kauko Kuusisalo – Drums

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