The Zenith Passage-“Solipsists” Upcoming Debut Release.

If you have been sleeping on modern guitarist, please wake the hell up and check these dudes out. The guitarists of Faceless, Justin McKinner and Rob Maramonte have joined together to create the project named, The Zenith Passage, playing tech-death metal.The Zenith Passage is not abrupt, its melodic modern tech-metal. Their riffs are insane, and powerful with a gruesome lead singer filled by relentless drum hammering. This style of metal is not new, but it an improved sound that gives you that brutality and diverse metal riffs. Their debut full-length Solipsist, will be out on April 15th via Unique Leader Records, so pay up your damn taxes to make sure you can get this mind twisting album. If you have the coin today, pre-oreder the album right here and bundles here. Also stay tuned for an interview from Pomona with the band from this coming show on April 17th, rock on and support this brutal force.

Preview Their guitar shredding skills on the titlted song- “Holographic Principle II” at Gear Gods site.


Solipsist was engineered, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (Animosity, Suffocation, All Shall Perish et al) at Castle Ultimate Productions with additional engineering by McKinney and Michael Keene (The Faceless) at Keene Machine Studios. Solipsist includes a guest vocal appearance by Fallujah’s Alex Hofmann, a guitar solo by Wes Hauch (ex-The Faceless) who also co-wrote a portion of seventh cut, “Hypnagogia,” a synth solo by Vikram Shankar and cover art by Ken Sarafin (Skinless, The Kennedy Veil, Archspire et al).-Source: EarsplitPR

Support their act on these following dates

4/14/2016 The Gate – Bakersfield, CA
4/16/2016 Pub Rock – Scottsdale AZ
4/17/2016 P.B.W.L.A. – Pomona, CA
4/22/2016 PB&Js – Reno NV
4/24/2016 Red House – Walnut Creek CA
You can stream the entire tasteful Album -Solipsist

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