The Negation- Blasphemous Display of Black Metal

The Negation, is a relentless assault of black metal created by five faceless diabolical prophets. With the fury in their guitar riffs and blasts behind the cannons of hell, The Negation will be touring their second European trip along with Mortis Mutilati from France. They released “Memento Mori” in July 2015, which propelled them toward the vault of great black metal bands. They have toured with Gorgoroth in the UK last December and will return visiting France, Germany Belgium and Italy along the way. This album is a reminder of why black metal is created. The infernal flames rise as this band displays their gruesome sound.


Get “Memento Mori” now at the Kaotoxin Shop here


  • 2015 – “Memento Mori
  • 2013 – “Paths of Obedience”

Line up

  • A.S.A. – vocals (Azziard)
  • Thanatoath – guitars
  • Gelgjer – guitars
  • Agarash – bass
  • Kryos – drums


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