Isolert-Sent By Morpheus With Black Metal

BAND PHOTO 3April fools is the day for multiple album releases, and one of those masterpieces is “No Hope, No light…Only Death” by Isolert. Isolert, which means Isolated in Norwegian, ended their duo campaign when Apostolos K. joined the band. This seven-song album is a creation by guys from Greece, what a way to be blasphemous than to write black metal. The record will be released via Ogmios Underground, this will be their debut album and they are striking with power. Isolert has furious guitars riffs, and the self-titled song –“No Hope, No Light…Only Death” is an eight-minute song, filled with melody and eerie notes. The sinister sound of this band highlights the diabolical voice of Panaglotis T. as the guitars and drums impale your soul. The song “Frozen” has an ominous sound, which takes you on a tour through the darkest halls of hell. The sacrificial song resembles the sound of early Emperor and Blasphemy. Nick S. on the drums slows the tempo of this song mean while Giannis E. makes the thunderous sound on bass. This ensemble was formed on 2015, releasing their first demo “Isolated Soul” on March of 2015. These guys have been busy ever since day one, Morpheus has sent this guys with a message: to create the blackest of sounds and deliver it to the world. With no further a due check out the sound of Greece, Black Metal from the gods for us fools.

Reported By: Hostile Jo


Get A Load of “Frozen”- Isolert

Track List

  1.  Intro (Doomed)
    2. Your Hypocrisy
    3. Empty Memory (Hate for Mankind)
    4. Blood Painted Sky
    5. The Dance of Tormented Spirits
    6. Frozen Mist
    7. No Hope, No Light…Only Death


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