Deceptionist-Rome Based Death Metal, Has A New Home

It is the time of the machine, man-becoming machine is depicted by many bands in the death brutal metal scene and Deceptionist is doing a marvelous job in their upcoming album “Initializing Irreversible Process”. The band was manufactured in 2013 by guitarist Antonio Poletti and drummer Claudio Testini. Soon to be joined by vocalist Andrea Di Traglia, giving this band that cyborg, deadly punch. The album was recorded and produced in Outersounds Studios by Giuseppe Orlando. We got a teaser, in snips of the album and we are as excited as you are to hear such musicianship and brutal machine/industrial-influenced death metal. The album “Initializing Irreversible Process” will be out this spring via Unique Leader Records this is what the band had to say on their new bond with the Unique Leader Record Label:

  • “We’re really proud and excited to be part of the Unique Leader family. This label played a huge part in the death metal scene during the years and it’s absolutely the best label nowadays when it comes to brutal and technical death metal, that’s why we have no doubt Unique Leader is what fits best our sound!”
    • Source: Unique Leader Records.

Unique Leader has a plethora of metal bands varying in style but main focus is brutal, technical and savage metal like Deceptionist. As this band states, their sound is what this huge record company aims for. The track list for the album has songs like “It’s Just Begun” a brutal song with an intro to the most gruesome album yet by Deceptionist. Yes there are guitar solos and killer riffs, along with a few breakdowns and intense drumming. Get a load of their depiction of human transformation to artificial intelligence, if we may call it such thing. Brutal, killer shredding riffs and diabolical vocals are what this band has to offer, check out their teaser Here!

Reported By: Hostile Jo


Initializing Irreversible Process 
Track Listing:Deceptionist

  1. It’s Just Begun
    Through The Veil
    3. Quest For Identity
    4. When Humans Began To Be Machines
    5. Final Innovation – Automatic Time
    6. The Confession
    7. Irreversible Process
    8. Sunshine
    9. Industrivolutionaction
    10. Operator Nr 3


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