Metal March Sickness

The month of March has been a Metal Sickness month for us at Rockbrary. We personally select the bands that fans love, or music inspired by other bands like classic Venom, Slayer,  and of course Immortal. We will be working hard on bringing you more live footage of bands like Abbath, Ammon Amarth, Soilwork, and Fear Factory among many more. Stay tuned as this this page will only get better. Stick around for our development and more music.The Beast of Nod is a great band from Boston, bringing you brutal death metal talking about Annal Hemorrhaging. Carthaunbrings you nothing but vile black metal, and bloody imagery. Page_1Acient Spell is a doom metal band that can give you that power in the guitars and bass along with the drums. Ofcourse We have bands like The Convalescence who are climbing the latter and mixing prog metal, black metal and killer vocals. Necrot brings you that brutal morbid metal straight from the Bay Area. Mean while Abbath and Ammon Amarth need no introduction, and Obituary is killing all standing in sight.  From our library to yours, Keep head-banging & thank you for reading.


Hostile Jo

Here are some of their tunes to get you an idea of what this bands sound like. Go to their sites and support their talent.

The Beast Of Nod-“Hyperanal Hemorrhagin”


Ancient Spell-“Under Your Spell”

Soilwork-“The Ride Majestic”



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