Necrot- “The Labyrinth”-(slow decay)

NecrotOut of the Laurel Hill Cemetery, the corpses are rising from their long habituated tombs. The stench is pervading the air of the Bay Area, as Necrot ravages live corpses’ flesh with their deep tuning of the guitars and blast of morbid drums. The bass tones mutilate the fragile cadavers as the gory vocals exhume more living dead. The band, Necrot, has released their single titled, “Into The Labyrinth” and will release their 3rd full album, ‘The Labyrinth’, on April 15th via Tankcrimes Records, as well as cassette for those who still ride a 1965 Ford Mustang, or rock out the cassette player. Necrot is a trio of longhaired metal heads who love the gruesome death metal, similar to Morbid Angel, or Aborted, the power of their sound is immense and the speed of the double pedals makes the machine gun sound miniscule. This band was created by Luca Indrio-(Bassist), Chad Gailey (Drums, ex-Vastum, Atrament), Sonny Reinhardt, (guitars, Saviours, ex-Watch Them Die). Bassist Indrio says the band’s name derives from Greek Nekros ‘necro’ as in corpse, and ‘rot’ as in our daily rotting process, (dying). You can pre-order a copy of “The Labyrinth” in conjunction with their North American tour.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

ON Tour In North America

NECROT w/ Skullshitter:
4/28/2016 Disk Bar – Providence, RI
4/29/2016 Katacombs – Montreal, QC
4/30/2016 Rocking Buffalo Saloon – Buffalo, NY
5/01/2016 New Dodge Lounge – Detroit, MI
5/02/2016 Best Friends Bar – Lexington, KY
5/03/2016 North Side Yacht Club – Cincinnati, OH
5/05/2016 Livewire – Chicago, IL
5/06/2016 Gooskis – Pittsburgh, PA
5/07/2016 Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
5/08/2016 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY
5/13/2016 The Clinic – New Brunswick, NJ
5/14/2016 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA
5/15/2016 Millcreek Tavern – Philadelphia, PA

Check out this killer Song

“Rebirth In Chaos”

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