Ethereal Riffian-Soul Awakening Metal


To evoke the deeper spirit within, you must lose your self in a deep abyss of nothingness. For those ready to stone out and “meditate” simply blast this melodic almost Buddhist sound by Ethereal Riffian -“I Am Deathless”.Ethereal Riffian are from Ukraine, and their sound is psychedelic, with guitar skills of the modern metal scene. Their album will be out on May 10th, in partnership with Robustfellow Prod. Metal at its best with a different sound that awakens the souls has not been heard in its purity and this band opens your mind as you listen to the guitar shredding and primal drums. This spiritual metal band is starting their European tour check out their dates below make sure you enter a trance with their sound live and show your love.


Reported By: Hostile Jo

Check out Their psychedelic Metal sound

Ethereal Riffian- “Drum of The Deathless”, Courtesy of Against PR.

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