Against Human Plague-Ambiance, and Black Metal to The Core


Blasting drums and gruesome vocals paired up with extreme guitar riffs is what A.H. P. lives for. The fire blazing out of Gulnar’s mouth as he roars like a demon-possessed body is frightening and being a talented musician with his fluidity to play all instruments makes this band remarkable. Against Human Plague has a malignant sound, eroding benevolent souls and relinquishing lives the drums are blasted by Nerexo. A.H.P. 2Today marks a month of the release of their debut album of pure evil black metal with ambiance tracks as well. The self-titled album “Against Human Plague” destroys those Christians souls with the metallic swords piercing through their souls with songs like “Down Here” and “Homines In Igne Morti” which can be translated to “Humans in Fire Burned” pardon our Latin but it might be rusty. Nevertheless, this bands debut album was recorded in Paranoic Abyss Studio & Monroe Sound Studio mixed and mastered by Arkadiusz “Aro” Jablonski. This album is out through Via Nocturna. The set list is quite dark and with the sound of early Emperor or Belphegor this band released a satanic mantra to be added to the bible of the blazing pits from hell. This is another proof that Norway will continue to breed Satan’s music, instilling fear and giving us that sound we love to the grave. Long live black metal and its creators. Check out a glimpse of the diabolical sound A.H.P. has to offer.

 Reported by: Hostile Jo
The Band is:

Gulnar – All instruments

Aro – Session bass and additional guitars

Nerexo – Session drums
Praise this Black Metal band’s sound- “Unleashed The Storms” ” A.H.P

courtesy of Against Pr

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