Slayer’s Video Too Violent for TV-“You Against You”

I can honestly say there were about 30-40 knives impaled in that guy’s body. Yes, the beginning of the video by Slayer to the song “You Against You” is what we are referring to. Slayer has been violence driven ever since “God Hates Us All” their satanic mantra toned down a little to open the gates for that war going on in Kerry King’s head. The action sequences remind me that of Quentin Tarentino’s movies with all due respect to Director Bj Mc Donell and producer Felissa Rosseslayerrepentless Each bullet used was perfectly shot, this is the kind of soundtrack all action movies should have, Slayer’s music blasting as people drop dead fighting on another ‘till death. Gary Holt plays that first furious solo perfectly timed, followed by Kerry’s solo during the scene where the protagonist is using the knives from the carcass on his enemies. This video gives you the explanation as to how that character on “Repentless” ends up in jail. Watch this violence filled video from beginning to the end and get that adrenaline pumped as you hear slayer shred. Gary Holt has earned his place in Slayer, and this band is at its second wind all hail the mighty Slayer and don’t miss their tour see you guys in the pit.

Reported By: Hostile Jo

Check out the Violent Video “You Against You”

Courtesy of Nuclear Blast-

“You Against You”


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