Fleshgod Apocalypse-Orchestrated Mayhem

IMG_1382The masses gathered outside the Whiskey A Go Go to  witness a show like none other. Fleshgod Apocalypse orchestrated mayhem on stage. It was a celebration of symphonic death metal straight from Italy. The tour was promoting FA’s release of their new album ‘King’, one which is a riveting Italian manifesto of death metal. The set list was composed of songs like, “The Egoism” and “The Violation”from the album ‘The Agony’. IMG_1383This set was brutal and filled with masterful guitar riffs creating a brutal atmosphere in the pits. The crowd responded great to the blasts by Francisco Paoli, as Veronica Bordacchini mesmerized the minds of the audience with her majestic Opera vocals. Paolo Rossi added that godly like voice of his to songs like “In Aeternum” and of course “The Fool”, he sounds amazing live and does not miss a powerful bass note.
There was no shortage of guitar solos by Tommaso Piccardi, and Ricardo Trionfera. Those riffs that make fans go wild were perfectly executed leaving the fans begging for more brutality. This affair was orchestrated by the one and only Francesco Ferrini, his music can exhume the death and bring them back to life. IMG_1448It is a masterpiece composition and he adds more life to this band.The pits were brutal, and beer was poured as fans gathered before this talented Italians. With the symphony sound and Opera vocals this band is the new Dimmu Borgir, with extreme metal riffs and guitar solos. This is what symphonic death metal should sound like and Fleshgod Apocalypse have mastered this genre.


Check out their live video  Here


Reported By: Hostile Jo

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