A Backyard Affair

_MG_1446There is always a melody that catches a fan’s attention, and lyrics that captivate the soul and thoughts of the listener.
There are bands that devote their life to creating inspiring music, artists that paint in many mediums and musicians are those artists making a masterpiece using their stage as a canvas. _MG_1474Some stages are built by professional workers while others are in the back of a house where the love for music is the only thing needed.

  Bands are trying to rise above, and music management agencies want to be the aid for those talented artists. We caught a show in Pomona, Ca. where

_MG_1406 Some Type of Stereo was the headliner. The melody of their music is similar to Franz Ferdinand with a touch of Rock & Roll. Prior to this act Rough soles was did a magnificent set followed by Falling Doves. These musicians play their souls out and demonstrate skills that are beyond exceptional. A Jazz- fusion band, with a singer that freestyles, where a smooth saxophone adds a soft note to the moon lit night.  The spirits were high, as the bands played song after song. Tacos were the main dish for the show attendees and the vibe was festive as the bands performed. _MG_1481Yamir Arreola teamed up with Rosie Morales and Georgina Castro of Sunlane Music Management to organize that night of tunes, art and fun for lovers of talented bands. These ladies are headed the right direction, aiding musicians become recognized and raise them to stardom. Keep an ear open for Some Type of Stereo as they will be known soon by the rest of the world. Do not miss out, nor underestimate the power and influence of these ladies, and the bands they promote.

Sunlane Music Management is:

Rosio Morales

Georgina Castro

Event Host is :

Yamir Arreola

Performing Bands:

Rough Soles

Falling Doves

Some Type of Stereo

Reported B- Jose Barrientos


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