Eyes Set to Kill

_MG_1329The metal scene can be a brutal atmosphere, where mosh-pits result in body injuries, broken noses and a couple drunken fights. All in all, a force where all walks of life congregates and admires the same music, one where men and women alike adore. Fans tell stories of their previous shows they have attended; while others tell stories of that one time they met Dave Mustaine, or Karl Sanders. More and more women are rising in this movement; there are more female front woman and artists in the metal scene in the past decade then at the beginning of this magnificent movement. Bands like Lacuna Coil, The Iron Maidens, and Archenemy consist of some beautiful women ready to mosh and roar like George “Corpse Grinder” Fisher. That gory sound allures those metal heads who are always craving the best music there is, metal. When a woman can play a guitar, and sing like all those other talented musicians she deserves recognition and respect. _MG_1332There is a band from Arizona contributing to this cause, their name is Eyes Set To Kill and they are amazing.

Their band consists of sisters Alexia Rodriguez (Lead Guitar, Vocals), and Anissa Rodriguez (Bass Guitar) who are touring this spring nation wide. Their sound is heavy and a mixture of trash metal with nu metal. However, the guitar riffs are skillfully played by Alexia as she screams the words to songs like “Broken Frames” and “Infected”. _MG_1327Their drive to play metal is incomparable, as they are true masters of their instruments. You can expect them to make some noise in the metal world pretty soon, not a lot of woman fronted bands are given attention let us not forget to support this killer act.

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