Nile- LA Call to Destruction

Timage2he Egyptian gods and ideology are they very nature of Nile’s lyrics and death metal sound. For years Nile has written rhythmical and brutal guitar riffs that perpetuate through metal heads minds blasting their eardrums. The most recent album titled What Should Not Be Unearthed is another testament of the gruesome guitar shredding by Karl Sanders and Dallas Toler-Wade.




image1-1The technique by Karl Sanders is definitely one to admire. George Kollias amazing double pedal and speed adds the heaviest tones to each song performed by Nile. Nile performed live at The Whiskey A Go Go Tuesday February 2nd, 2016 and the crowd was astonished by such brutality. Nile took the crowd back to 1997 released album Ramses Bringer of War and created mayhem in the pit with the song The Howling of The Jinn. The devastation had only commenced and the pit was savage. The fans chanted, “Evil to Cast Out Evil” as Karl Sanders executed each guitar solo backed up by Dalls Toler-Wade roaring over the furious drums by George Kollias. A vicious continuous attack of metal, lasted close to two hours, a show any metal fan should experience. IMG_1097.JPGDoom was upon us as Nile executed “Call To Destruction” the most controversial song in the album. Karl Sanders’ writing is ferocious and depicts the society we live in, “Call To Destruction”, is just one of those songs and the fans loved it. Niles sound was deep, heavy and the never-ending drum blasts elicited the minds of fans, as the mosh pit intensified. Nile, has definitely written a ferocious album, a masterpiece and possibly the best album of death metal of 2015. Check out Nile on tour as they will ravage the venue near you.

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