The Reaktion- Making Some Noise.

_MG_1264The Reaktion, is a mixture of EDM ambiance music with hard rock. Three talented musicians take the stage and pump up the audience with their heavy rock riffs and powerful drumming. We caught The Reaktion live at the M15 Concert Bar in Corona, California where they demonstrated great musicianship and gave a great live performance. These guys played songs from their most recent album titled Selknam, including some of the fans favorites like “10 Steps to Success”, and “The Network”._MG_1252 Simon Rojas is ready to spread the love and a way to brake free off societies norms. Felipe Alvarez blasts the drums non stop and sets the beats that are diffused through out the venue. Meanwhile Garret Wolfe plays bass with such ease and skill. Their set was great and they played amazing together,  their performance was tight. We had the chance to do a quick photo-shoot with the guys and they showed nothing but their goofy side and professional ability to pose in front of the camera._MG_1316 These guys are anything but shy, despite the cold weather they delivered and were ready to pack up their gear to head back to Hollywood for their show at The Viper Room. Along with them at Corona, Eyes Set to Kill performed. A band with a front woman and her sister the bassist, yet another great act, heavy and filled with anger. Songs like “Broken Frames” destroyed the eardrums of listeners and shocked the audience. Alexia Rodrigues and Anissa Rodriguez can definitely play well together and create fast and furious music. Check out The Reaktion at the Viper Room on Frebruary 2nd, 2016. Stay tune for more photos.

Reported By: Jose Barrientos

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