Megadeth: Kings of Trash Metal

DSC05393Do you hear that? My ears are bleeding; my speakers just blew up, that is the sound of Megadeth taking back what they created, their trashy heavy sound. So far three out of three songs released as singles by Megadeth have shown what path Dave Mustaine, Kiko Loureiro, Chris Adler and the master him self David Ellefson have taken. The killer riffs on “Dystopia” are a trademark, which Megadeth has established for years, although they walked away from the trash, once again the sound, is back. The drumming by Chris Adler is defining on all three singles, complimented by the skills and technique Kiko has to offer. David Ellefson uses his ability to play fast in all three songs and makes the songs heavier with his sound.DSC05413 A take on “Holy Wars” is definitely what “The Threat is Real” sounds like; it’s this generation’s sound and ability to relate to the political current events. Once again Megadeth is contributing to the board of magnificent written songs. The anticipation of the release of the album just keeps growing as the date approaches. Megadeth has reclaimed their throne as kings of trash metal, with due respect to the other amazing bands. Megadeth’s guitar riffs are beyond anyone’s realm and their sound is heavy, trashy and aggressive.

By Jose Barrientos


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