Forever Still: Danish Hard Rock

FS2If you are looking for a hard rock band that will touch your soul and levitate you from the darkest moments in your life, Forever Still is it. Straight from Copenhagen, Denmark, Forever Still brings us hard rock to soothe your aching heart. Maja Schonnings’ vocals are beyond perfection, setting the melancholic environment to each song she performs to. Songs like “Once Upon A Nightmare” make you shiver as the story unfolds, some listeners might even be able to relate to it. The band has the key to success, the right music notes which are hard and rhythmical, along with the perfect vocals. This band has worked hard to deliver 5 EPs and each song is compelling and ambitious. There inspiration for this band has to surface from bands like Evanescence, or bands like Lacuna Coil. Their sounds sets a mood to walk down a path surrounded by trees and mist getting lost within oneself. foreverstillThe lyrics are personal, and in your face with apathy and subtle rage that will help you release that tamed animal from within.

Check out Forever Still’s music.


Reviewed By: Jose Barrientos



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