Asesino- Brutal and Raw

asesinoFor lovers of heavy hardcore metal check out Asesino, a trio filled with anger that will tear up your head. With Dino Cazares from Fear Factory on guitar, you can hear the debauchery created by such heavy riffs. The tempo and speed of this guitarist is killer, a sound resonating to Obituary, fast, brutal and deadly. The vocals and Bass by Maldito X are gut churning and want to make you vomit to their brutal assault. They can write music that is aggressive, has great content and makes the pits a dangerous battlefield. The drums by El Sadistico are furious and non-stop. Songs like “Soy Maldito” gives you an example of how deadly their sound can be. Their Spanish lyrics are devastating and project an angered atmosphere, urging you to pick up a machete and decapitating those that deserve to be punished. These guys can execute a great brutal metal sound and “Enterrado Vivo” is the vivid trademark of their sadistic style. DinoDino Cazares definitely creates those intense riffs, and ads a great dark sound to this song. This band allows the music to create a sense of aggression heard in bands like Brujeria, and Decapitated. Songs about kidnapping and depravity are the most abundant from this band, their ability to tell stories about death, brutal rapes, and pedophile priests are a trademark, perhaps influenced by bands like Cannibal Corpse, the kings or death metal. Their songs can be aggressive and offensive to some, however in the metal realm that is all we look for, aggression, a vision of brutality and anger which allows us blow off some steam, check them out at the Whiskey A Go Go this coming Friday, December 18th.

Members: Maldito X (Tony Campos) – Vocals/Bass El Asesino (Dino Cazares) – Guitars El Sadistico (Emilio Marquez) – Drums


Get your tickets here.

Check out their song “Carnicero”

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